More Than Just Wine!

Hanes actually makes time for other things in his life besides wine. But he promised her he wouldn’t tell and his word is his bond. Otherwise, here are some other things which catch Hanes’s fancy…

Hanes Music Reviews

After wine and women there is song. Hanes has been a lifelong music addict and he has recently been renewing his efforts to explore more rock music, both new and old, after listening almost exclusively to jazz and country music from the 1940s and 1950s for the past few years. Unfortunately, most contemporary bands suck, more interested in being rock stars than creating the best music possible. Hanes learns about new stuff via “listening parties” with friends (many of whom are referenced throughout even though you probably don’t know them) or through various media sources. Anyway, click here to checkout what Hanes has been listening to of late.

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World!

My sister Alexis and her wife Anna adopted a wonderful girl named Alison who is the apple of my eye. Sure, she is spoiled rotten but she’s so cute she deserves it! Alison was born in December 2003 and she is growing very quickly. OK, maybe your kid, niece, nephew or grandchild is cute but not as cute as Ali! Behold the wonder! (The page may take awhile to load, I’m not putting up lame low res photos here!)


Cool for cats. Especially my cat, who is the bestest kitty kat in the whole wide world, including all other pretender cats to the throne. Take that, beeaytch. Our Beloved Revolutionary Meow-Meow

Things Hanes Thinks About

Coming soon to a penitentiary near you! A Work In Progress

So, You’re a Philosopher?

And as the old Boogie Down Productions song goes, “Yes, I think very deeply.” Or at least Hanes once did! Not a lot of time to read philosophy anymore for poor old Hanes. Although the fire still burns in ember form. Hope springs eternal that one day Hanes will marry rich and have all the lesiure time in the world to read and write philosophy once more. Until then he just periodically vacuums the tops of the books on his shelves. Here’s some philosophical stuff Hanes previously pondered. A Rummy’s Ruminations

Hate Just Begets More Hate

That’s what makes being a hater so fun! Wine is a business and a man has to protect his turf. Even if that man is a total asshole.