My Niece Alison

(Perpetually updated as even cuter pictures become available)

Adopted by Hanes’s younger sister Alexis and her wife Anna, Alison Christina brings much joy (and at times frustration) into my life. She’s very big for her age and very willful. But she’s so cute, I need help convincing my sister to let her become a child model. An uncle can dream, can’t he?


This is from Thanksgiving 2008. I was not there so I am not quite sure why Ali dressed up like Snow White. But it is a well known fact that playing the princess is a core desire. Any holiday is a legit excuse!


This Halloween Alison got two different costumes, one for school and one for trick-or-treating at night. This is Exhibit A for when she cries she was deprived as a child. This outfit for school is Violet, the daughter in The Incredibles cartoon movie.


At night she morphed into Master Tigress, a character from the cartoon movie Kung Fun Panda. I sense a theme here...


Another year passes. Seems like it was just a year ago that Alison helped Grandma celebrate her 64th birthday. And here it is her 65th! Whichever the birthday, Ali loves to sing “happy birthday” – doesn’t even have to be your birthday, really.


Ali goes apple picking! Seems like a nice sunny day to pick some apples. I don’t know if Alison actually likes to eat apples. Maybe after they are sliced up for her.


Alison lost her first baby teeth in October. Two, in fact. This is entirely unrelated to the below.


During the fall of 2008 Alison started taking Tae Kwon Do lessons for exercise and help improve her motor skills. She seems to like it so far and goes twice a week. Here she is in her uniform.


Blurry photograph but you get the point. The next photo would be of Ali falling down after the kick. But she gets right back up!


In early July before I moved to Charlotte the family spent a week’s vacation in Provincetown. I was in a hyper-anxious state but it was a good trip and it was nice to see Ali for a whole week straight. Here, we were all playing in the condo. She learned how to play Go Fish! and Old Maid during this trip. Serious life skills.


No vacation is complete without Ali at the beach. We went to the beach most every day. Lots of digging and sand castles to build.


Splashing in the surf, she likes when “the big ones” crash on the shore.


Ali making one of her “faces” here. It’s funny. But my sister will ask me to remove this picture anyway.


We hooked up with Anna’s brother’s family a couple of times since they live in Massachusetts and took some vacation at the same time. In the pool at their vacation complex my mother tries to teach Ali how to float. Since remaining calm and unmoving is essential to floating, expect many future pictures of Ali sinking.


They had a family vacation to the west coast in the early summer. Naturally, hit all the kids’ spots. This is Disneyworld with Belle. Ali loves to dress up like a princess. Hopefully, I won’t have to beat up any princes in 15 years or so.


Ali (with Megan) at the San Diego Zoo. Walrus in the back. The walrus is always in the back, ever notice that?


My friend Jennifer finally got hitched. As she is swell pals with my sister as well, “AAA” were also invited. Here, uncle breaks down and gives Ali a piggy back ride. She really likes piggy back rides.


As is my wont, I like pictures of Ali when she is doing more than just smiling for the camera. I don’t remember why she was sad but I like this picture.


The wedding being in April, why not bust out the Easter hats and all?

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