Seasonal Sales

(Originally published September 1999)

The last month and a half has been oddly unkind to Hanes. Many new wines are released in September, after the summer heat which could damage the wines in transit have begun to abate. As a result, many wine stores have August sales to move some product in anticipation of these new arrivals. This year was no different than past, and Hanes found himself at the mercy of two stores' 20% off any six bottles sales. Aided and abetted by the psychology of saving money, Hanes spent much more cash than advisable. But, Hanes asks you, who would buy $8 bottles at 20% off rather than $25 bottles at 20% off? It turns out, not Hanes. So, in the interest of saving money Hanes is further in hock. Ah, but the love of wine is worth any price. Given all this, the wines reviewed herein have some more expensive entries than in the past. This will appeal to some (as -- for better or worse -- price can be an indicator of quality) while not to others. Hanes bought them, Hanes drank them, Hanes typed the data into his computer.

The lesson to be learned? Look for August wine sales and save some cash! And remember to look for new releases in September.